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Eli. 22 years old. Bulgarian. Graphic & Media Design student at University of the Arts, London. Loves Nature, Fantasy, Alternative Rock and Youtubers. Echelon ₪ ø ||| ·o.


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ø (by epiøne)


this is the laziest fucking gang I’ve ever seen

Tssk. This bitches.


When someone insult something that I care/ like/ ship :



Gee =^-^= 


Gwhiz183 op We Heart It

Can you hear me cry out to you?
Words I thought I’d choke on figure out.
I’m really not so with you anymore.
I’m just a ghost,
So I can’t hurt you anymore,
So I can’t hurt you anymore.

And now, you wanna see how far down I can sink?
Let me go, fuck!
So, you can, well now so, you can
I’m so far away from you.
Well now so, you can.

- This is how I disappear - My Chemical Romance. (via ariannariot)